What RhodiGandha is and is not

“People from various walks of life are taking charge of their health and getting on board with RhodiGandha. Finally, a product that works”!


RhodiGandha is not a Juice.

RhodiGandha is a cocktail of full spectrum standardized extracts.  Our active ingredients are not juices. RhodiGandha is the first of its kind to combine the power of adaptogens, superior functional antioxidants, and well known super foods like Acai Berry and Rhodiola Rosea at a strength designed to achieve homeostasis.


RhodiGandha is All Natural.

RhodiGandha is 100% natural. RhodiGandha provides the most superior and complete wellness product ever to be formulated using the highest grade “A” quality full spectrum standardized extracts from wild-crafted sources.  In addition, we pride ourselves with the fact that RhodiGandha contains no artificial preservatives, no GMO nor anything from GMO sources and no artificial or harmful sugars or sugar substitutes.  When we say all natural we mean all natural.


RhodiGandha is a GREEN company.

RhodiGandha has a goal to leave as little of an imprint on the environment as possible.   In achieving this goal we have not spared any expense to be as responsible to the environment as we could possibly be.  Our product is housed in glass for two major reasons.  One, it is easily recycled and it allows us to heat and cool during the bottling process to avoid the use of artificial preservatives like what is often found in products housed in plastic containers.  Our boxes are recyclable and our packaging materials are not only recyclable, they are made from recycled materials.


RhodiGandha is not a Multivitamin.

RhodiGandha is not a multivitamin.  RhodiGandha is a blend of powerful adaptogens and functional antioxidants that will change the way you look at nutrition.  Our product features the most powerful blend of active standardized ingredients on the market today.  Browse through this page to learn more about our product and then place an order for this life changing blend and see the difference for yourself.  


Doctors and health care practitioners are not the only people who sell RhodiGandha.

No. There are many RhodiGandha Partners from different walks of life such as doctors, teachers, business executives and stay at home moms who make RhodiGandha available to the public.


RhodiGandha will not be found in stores.

RhodiGandha is not sold in stores. Like many other products today RhodiGandha is sold directly to a consumer rather than through a traditional retail outlet. We want our customers and consumers to have the opportunity to research and talk about the product before buying. We want you to understand that the product is incomparable to anything that is available on the market today.  In addition, there is no middle man mark up, word of mouth advertising allows us to bring you a superior product at a reduced price over products you would find in a health food store.


RhodiGandha is not a medicine or cure for any disease or serious condition.

People taking RhodiGandha report an immediate feeling of well-being - Increased endurance - Restored sexual vitality in men and women - Improved mental clarity and memory recall - Regulates blood sugar and blood pressure levels without medication - More energy - Less feeling of stress and anxiety - Cardiovascular support - Increased stamina - Improved weight management - Improved immune system function - Normalization of mood swings and much more.  However, no nutraceutical product has, will or ever will be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.